Coda to very informative review of The Landmark Forum

Remember the blogger called Jack who wrote the review of The Landmark Forum that I linked to a few weeks ago? His post has created a phenomenal response, and the comments people are leaving on his site are remarkable.  Graduates from all round the world are sharing how their lives have been transformed by doing The Landmark Forum.

What’s palpable is people’s joy and gratitude for having found how to live.

Some of the comments are very moving, and I invite you to read them by clicking on the link at the bottom of this post. One comment from a woman called Shel made me cry.

At the time of doing the “Forum” Shel was a single mother, as she says,

totally living in my past, minute by minute. It was so awful that the thought of suicide crossed my mind … I figured that my son, age 7 at the time would be much better off if I were gone from his life.

Shel had been divorced from her husband for seven years, and had also just purchased a house described by the building inspector as “uninhabitable” and needing major repairs. As a result of doing the Forum and the Advanced Course, Shel experienced the support of her friends, family and ex-husband who came “out of the wood works” to help her with the renovation.

She also finally got what she really wanted for her life. To paraphrase, the leader of her Advanced Course, after helping her uncover the underlying view she had of herself — “I’m not good enough” — gave her some homework. She says, he asked me to “get what I wanted, what I deserve, because I am good enough.”  She goes on:

And I did……What I did was call my ex-husband who at the time was on the golf course with his friends and I said to him that I wanted to ask him two questions and here is how it went:

Shel: “Hi, it’s me”
Harry: “Hey, how’s things going at Landmark?”
Shel: “Great, funny you should ask because I have two questions that I want to ask you? Are you busy?”
Harry: “Oh, No I am not busy, just playing golf with the guys. What’s up?”
Shel: “Well my 1st question is I was wondering if I could have my family back?”
Harry: “Oh !?!? Ok, what is the other question?”
Shel: “Well my 2nd question is (and by now I am totally crying and nervous) I was wondering if I could have my husband back?”
Harry: “Oh !?!? Wow, yeah Shel we can work on that!!!”
Shel: “Really? Really? We can work on getting back together?”
Harry: “Yes, let’s work on it!!!”

Shel goes on to share what happened:

On April 23, 2004 Harry and I remarried for a 2nd time. We now have 3 children not just the one. We will be celebrating our 7th yr wedding anniversary this coming April. And Harry and I have been living our lives to the fullest each and every single moment. I “got” love for myself out of the Advanced course, something I never had until then. I live a truly extraordinary life. And I would pay for it over and over again, because the result that I got from my experience at Landmark, has no price tag on it.

To read all the comments on Jack’s post, click here.

To read my post on Jack’s review, click here.



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