MONA revisited

Went back to MONA on the weekend because I enjoyed it so much the first time round. Said hello to my favourites, Peter Buggenhout’s The Blind Leading the Blind, looking blacker and bigger and more sinister than even I remember, and Wang Qingsong’s Dream of Migrants. Marvelled all over again at the beauty and imagination of the presentation of works, including the tall inky cabinets of antiquities. Got a sob in my throat seeing the silhouette of a exquisitely carved cat, four inches high, an offering to a god from an ancient Egyptian tomb, cast against the cabinet’s side.

Looked in vain for the eye-high row of c*nt sculptures in the “Catacombs”. They’ve been replaced with a row of the pretty, lyrical drawings of Hungarian-born, New York-based Balint Zsako. His modern Kama Sutra, leafy and vaporous, is very relaxing. It requires only the eyeballs. In the meantime, three of the sculptures have been turned into soaps one can buy in the gift shop in the fragrance of Bianca, Angelique and another.

The one shot I managed to get off with my iPhone before the signal was lost in David Walsh’s underground kingdom is the first image below, which I believe is a medieval burial stone from Turkey. This dumb fellow moves me greatly. I could weep over him too.


* For more information about Balint Zsako, go to his website here. Note, the works above are not necessarily featured at MONA but ones very like them are.

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