Leaders and artists share the same challenge

Writing a book, making a film, creating any kind of art is about being a leader. The task is the same: making something happen that wasn’t going to happen anyway.

The chief challenge is also the same: being with the breakdowns, ie, everything that is not the finished book, the finished film, the accomplished project.

One leader I’ve interviewed, a filmmaker, when asked for her inspirations, promptly nominated a former mentor, the movie producer, Jan Chapman, maker of such highly successful films as The Piano, Lantana, Last Days of Chez Nous.

She said this of Jan:

Jan inspires me for her connectedness, her great listening and what she provides in her films. She’s always speaking from the heart. And she’s strong. Because making films goes like this … it doesn’t work …  it doesn’t work … it doesn’t work … and then, suddenly … it works! Jan stands firm in the face of all the not-working.

This is the challenge of the leader and the artist: being with the not-itness.


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12 thoughts on “Leaders and artists share the same challenge

  1. I have been…I am…both. I hadn’t considered that these two gifts parallel. I just felt that what I learned in leadership helps my pursuits in creativity in unique ways. So I don’t have the disease of eternal uniqueness? :D


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