Moist impromptu

The British comedian, Miranda Hart, has just been on our screens in the sitcom, Miranda, which is about life as the proprietor of a joke shop, daughter of the odious “What I Call”, Patricia Hodge; and would-be lover of Gary, the chef.

In a recent episode when about to launch into her naughty child schtick, she was waylaid by a word.

“Moist”, she said, looking deep into the camera, mouth as round as she could make it, eyes glittering with mischief.


“Don’t you just love that word?” she asked, “Moist”. Then for good measure, she said it a few times more. “Moist”. And that was it, joke done.


We all know there are magic words, right? Words that change something in the uttering. Sometimes the magic is personal, sometimes, universal.

Here’s an example of a universally magic word which I’m going to divulge for free just because I like you:  impromptu.

I’ve experimented with this word, and I tell you it is an odd bird who can resist its allure. Attach it to your invitations, and 9 out of 10 people will say “yes” to whatever you’re requesting.

What are your magic words?


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16 thoughts on “Moist impromptu

  1. The French word (as is ‘impromptu’) for ‘wisteria’ : ‘glycine’ ( pronounced ‘glee-scene’; from ‘glukos’, ‘sugary’ in ancient greek).
    When I say it out loud, I immediately smell its sweet fragrance and feel transported in my grandmother’s garden when I was a child, listening to the buzzing of the bees above my head and gorging myself on the view of violet-coloured flowers’ grapes and their sugary perfume under the sun…


    • Well now, Lou, you are talking my native language which is Flower, don’t you know?

      Glycine season is just past here. During the season, I visited the two glycines in my street every day and tried to fill my insides with that perfume. That form! That colour! Really, the queen of flowers.

      Your comment transports me to Madame Bovary where the big fat bumblebee is bumping the glass.

      Happy memories x


  2. Some years ago Dr. Advice’s “word” was “terrific”. Enough so that a friend did a needlepoint picture which simply features the “word”. My word keeps changing, but today I would choose “attitude”. It can be either bad–or good– or describe a confident person with “attitude. Love this post.


    • Indefatigable is orsum ;) Some years ago, after wanting the chance to use it for a long time, I applied it to a friend and she was incredibly moved.

      To press you on this because I know you’re a word nut like me … is there a word which actually changes external physical circumstances for you? Like abracadabra or opensesame or Rumpelstiltskin or my impromptu (I’m being dead serious about it literally determining the response I get to invitations).


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