Ode to Friday: Dickinson

I held a jewel in my fingers
And went to sleep.
The day was warm, and winds were prosy;
I said: “‘T will keep.”

I woke and chid my honest fingers, –
The gem was gone;
And now an amethyst remembrance
Is all I own.

~ The Lost Jewel by Emily Dickinson (American, 1830 – 1886)


6 thoughts on “Ode to Friday: Dickinson

    • Interesting. I get your reading of the poem and see I was reading it differently. I was reading it as a call — wake up! pay attention! — for something precious is in danger of being neglected. I see my reading is exactly correlated with something I’m dealing with at present. Classic!

      Have a sunny and bright weekend, Ms B.


    • I have a postcard which gives a variation of this, “nothing is forever except love and music”. This word remembrance … is it not the sweetest? Like Shakespeare’s “When to the sessions of sweet silent thought
      I summon up remembrance of things past ..”

      Have a magic weekend, you gorgeous Minnesota woman xx


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