I rise

He hit me with his foul, demeaning, belittling words and fists.  He made me bleed inside and outside my body.  He told me I got what I deserved.  I believed him.  But not anymore.

I Rise.




10 thoughts on “I rise

  1. In Canada I have been personally and physically involved, and supported groups and associations against physical violence against women. In Austrialia I can but offer at least my moral support. JJ


    • Thank you on behalf of women for your stand against domestic and other violence, JJ.

      Kim Sisto-Robinson is the lion-hearted woman who wrote these words and she wrote them for her sister, Kay, who was murdered by her husband in 2010 in the US. Kim blogs about her mourning and her grief for Kay at her site which I’ve linked to. Kay and Kim are part of the One Billion Rising movement that is spreading around the world.


  2. —-Dear Solid,
    Thank you for bringing more awareness to the epidemic of domestic violence.

    Can you imagine if we all stood up and said-

    (((((((NO MORE NO MORE NO MORE))))))))

    The world would TRANSFORM… & the women could hold up Half the Sky!

    you. are. beautiful.



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