End of the chapter

Companionable readers! The time has come to put this blog into storage and/or a new form. In the next day or two, I’ll turn it off for public viewing. I expect to be starting another internet venture in a little while.

I will invite you to join me there and you will make me very happy if you do.

I started this blog in August 2008 to:

pay attention to aspects of everyday life that are creative, and in such paying attention to be creative.

This purpose has been fulfilled many times over. It’s also been a period of learning and reflection in a spiritual dimension, and I feel as if a kind of apprenticeship has now been concluded.

I expect the next venture will be overtly spiritual, and may also be concerned with questions of women and authenticity.

Thank you for your generosity, love and most excellent company. I’m sending a thousand warm wishes for your own ventures.

Until we meet again.

~ Narelle



28 thoughts on “End of the chapter

    • Now, tots, you know we’re just meant for each other, and I really must insist on you and Bea coming round mine very soon. I’ll be starved for all the news from the “Academies” and I know ‘aint nobody doing it justice ‘cept you and the Queen B. xxx


    • Thank you, Tom, most stalwart and wonderful reader. I won’t forget your kindness at the time of my father’s death. You really must bring your unique combination of sun and light and air, leavened with sardonic amusement, to my next abode. I’ll be waiting with a big single malt — the finest from a Scottish isle so small it doesn’t have a name — and a foolproof bird-scarer as a gift. xxx


  1. Sad to see you go Narelle, even for a little while, as we connected only a short time ago, and you became favourite straight off. To a point where I exchange thoughts and opinions with you, a first for me in this blog business. Quite an accomplishment for as you know most of my time goes into writing. Hopefully, though you are shutting down Solid gold creativity, you will choose to stay connected to Poetry on a canapé, so as to give me the benefit of your opinion, and or just to be in touch. Good luck on the new venture, and do stay in touch if you can.

    Au revoir et à bientôt, chère Narelle! Jean-Jacques Fournier


    • Oh, Jean-Jacques, I’m touched to learn our wonderful recent exchanges were your first foray, and that it meant something to you too. I am enjoying our conversation very much, and it was a question for me when choosing what to do with this blog. “But JJ and I have just started this wonderful conversation …”

      So, do not fear, I will be around to your splendid establishment frequently, and I look forward to showing you around my new place too.

      A bientot, Jean-Jacques! xx


    • Thank you, Russell. You know you are my all-time favourite Icelandic artist ;)

      I’ll see you around on your blog and of course on Twitter! PS. Have to check out if one can roll over Twitter followers from one @ to another @. Anyway, will be continuing with the existing one for now.


    • Jann, thank you so much for reading and commenting, always warmly and generously. You are one sympa woman. Love your big heart and fine artist’s eye.

      I’m pretty sure blogging will be part of what’s next, with a different name and focus. I actually adore blogging so I couldn’t imagine going without it!

      In the meantime, I’ll be over to yours for regular shots of your delectable Sicilian village, with a con crema pastry and espresso on the side. Pronto!


  2. Oh Narelle, this is a bitter sweet post for sure.
    It hasn’t been that long since I started following your blog and quickly you have become ‘the’ blog I follow regularly. There are not many that hold my attention for extended periods of time, but you always offer an opportunity to reflect, challenge my thinking or provoke thought. And for that I most deeply thank you.
    And I am already feeling the edge of the chair dig in as I eagerly await news of your new journey.
    Please be sure to let me know when the time comes. I most certainly don’t want to miss that journey!
    All the very best my friend and may the road ahead offer a delight of twists, turns and surprised just around the corner.
    Thank you for all you have shared!
    J Xx


    • Oh, you’re so kind. Sometimes I would think of you when I felt nobody cared if I wrote anything or not. I’d think, “Ms Butterfly will care”.

      It is sad to end it. Just this evening I thought of something I might like to write and then, “Oh, I don’t have anywhere to publish it!” Maybe you too have experienced how blogging can be a good way to discharge emotion or thought?

      I just checked my subscription list to make double sure you’re on it, and yes, you are, so I shall be sending you an invite to come round to my new space very shortly. All the best to you and your family in the meantime. You are a very special woman I suspect, astute and courageous, and it has meant a lot to me to have your listening. Till later. Nxxx

      Ps. You’ll have to come visit me because how could I not get to write your delicious name again?


      • It is a mutual respect my dear!

        Actually, given some of your ideas for future writing I would like to contact you about a project I’m involved in and we could do with a wonderful writer like you if you were interested even casually or the odd guest post….. I’ll post my email address shortly and if you are interested to learn more to see if its something that would interest you down the track you know how to find me :-)

        Blogging to discharge emotion and thought? Absolutely!! I should really carry a voice recorder or a journal with me for all those times something hits me emotionally and I write out a post in my head when I don’t have access to a computer…. They rarely do make it to cyberspace as the process of writing it in my head discharges the emotion behind it. And as the female mind works with ‘talking out’ problems to resolve a matter, I find writing is similar. It’s a way to explore a thought or a new idea.

        You have my word that I will come and visit you! Pinky promise!! (They are the unbreakable type promises I share with my daughter).


      • So glad I have your pinky promise you will visit ;)

        And I’m curious about your project and always interested in writing. I’ll email you shortly.

        Yes, yes, yes, just thinking about blogging so often does the trick, doesn’t it? What a great invention it is: benefits without doing x


      • P.S. You were very right.. Ms Butterfly has always cared and would have a tingle of excitement when the teaser of a new post appeared in her inbox.

        I didn’t always get a chance to comment or reply but I have always appreciated the deeper and thought provoking words you write. :-)


  3. “`Narelle,
    my heart just fell to the floor…but I understand.

    When it’s time for me to move into another direction, I shall do the same.

    I shall miss you–your insights, your wisdom, your POETRY!

    & I shall follow you into your next adventure.




    • Kayti, I’m very touched by your comment, particularly coming from such a wise woman as you. I haven’t forgotten the wonderful chicken (i’m saving him up for something really special). I look forward to more of your posts and your ravishing art.xx


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