The Peacemaker

Mark Wright 4

I interviewed Mark Wright for my book on leaders last year, and he’s just been featured again on Australian national TV. Mark is the Police Commander who featured in my post about transforming a serious breakdown of law and order in western Sydney.

Every Thursday night, hundreds of youths from different local ethnic groups, as well as agitators from more distant suburbs, would congregate in the local shopping centre and engage in violent brawls. Residents were frightened for their lives and abandoned the shopping centre, while shopkeepers faced each Thursday night with dread.

The situation was “toxic”, Mark says, when he arrived in the area. What he did to transform the situation, and how he did it, is the stuff of the finest leadership stories one could ever read.

Mark and his community have now been visited by representatives from police forces across the world, all eager to learn what has had the program he started, Com4Unity, be so successful.

I’m so excited to hear that what Mark started is continuing to grow and transform the lives of young people from many different ethnicities in this socially disadvantaged area of Sydney. His story shows what leadership makes available in the world.

To watch the current affairs segment about Mark that aired on Australian TV a few days ago, click on the following video (the segment is six minutes long). You can also read my original blog post on Mark at the end of the post.

Click here to read my post on Mark: Situations pertaining to leaders #3



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