Two announcements + giveaway


I’m speaking at WordCamp Melbourne

WordPress is holding their annual WordCamp Melbourne conference at RMIT University on 27-28 April, and I’m a speaker.

There are two streams, the geek one and the non-geek one (aka, the important one). I’ll be speaking just before lunch on Saturday, 27 April. My topic is Recognising the Cycles of Blogging: Or, Notes on Dealing with the Slough of Despond.

They thought that was a funny (weird) title when I dashed it off, but it must have grown on them and become funny (funny) because they’ve put it on their website.

Between you and I, what I’m really going to be speaking about is the psychology of blogging.

I’m inviting all my wonderful local readers to come to the conference. The program schedule is at the following link, and tickets can be purchased from the site too. See you there!

Vote for me in the Best Australian Blogs 2013, People’s Choice Award


I’m nominated in the Best Australian Blogs competition. One aspect of the competition is judged by a panel, a second aspect of the competition is the People’s Choice award in which everyone can vote.

To vote for my blog in the People’s Choice award, go to the voting page by:

  • clicking on the following link, or
  • clicking on the button in my sidebar.

Voting is open to everyone, whether you live in Australia or Timbuctoo.

Voting closes April 30 at 5pm (that’s Australian time which is up to 24 hours ahead of most readers’ time … hey, we’ve got to be first in something cos we sure ain’t first in politics or So You Think You Can Dance).

Thank you for your support.


I’ve got a 2-for-1 pass to the film, Rust and Bone, reviewed here the other day. If you’re in Australia and want the pass, just send your address to me at solidgoldcreativity@gmail and I’ll put it in the mail.



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