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Dedicated to A

Every blogger knows this blogging business is not as straightforward as it looks. We’re often writing into our fears and concerns. And unlike writing something that will be published “someday” if we’re lucky, like a book or article, our potential audience when blogging is just an hour or so away.

The fear of the audience, the fear of being seen by the audience, the fear of seeing ourselves by refraction through the audience, is all there to a greater or lesser extent.

And it can take something quite small – like a minor disagreement or a word out of place – to have the whole thing occur like a bad idea. And sometimes it won’t be long before the blogger limps away, chastened and confused about why it is they suddenly can’t bear the thought of blogging.


So if one is continuing to blog, there have to be payoffs which are greater than the potential hazards. These are some of my payoffs:

  • find out what I think about a matter
  • empty out the “well”
  • fill up the well (blogging begets blogging; my desire to blog is never higher than when I’ve just posted something, and the converse is true too)
  • get to expand myself
  • has me writing regularly
  • in doing the regular blogging, every so often one writes something truly courageous.

The last one is the biggie, and I want to share something that happened in relation to one of those rare posts.

A’s story

About six weeks ago, I was contacted out of blue by a man called A whom I worked with about five years ago. He asked if he could have lunch with me. I was intrigued as we hadn’t spoken in the intervening five years. I said yes and went along.

About ten minutes into lunch, he told me there was a specific reason he had wanted to see me.  He said he had seen one of my posts on LinkedIn, and he was very moved by it. It was something I’d written a month or two earlier, and I knew straightaway which one he’d be referring to. It was a post in which I had talked about God, a post that made me cry when writing it. And, yes, he said, it was that one.

He told me,

I was reading it in bed on my laptop, and you got to a certain point in the post and I thought, “No, she’s not going to go there, is she? And then you went there, you talked about people as flowers. And my wife was next to me, and I said to her, ‘Hey, have a look at this …'”

He told me then that he is a worshipping Orthodox Christian, and he often wants to discuss things with the church elders, but when he goes to them, he doesn’t get to talk about what he wants to talk about.

I want to talk about how to live, and they want to talk about whether Mary was a virgin for the rest of her life …

The reason to blog

I was very moved by A, and what he told me, on many counts.

I was moved that it had been important enough to him to want to tell me face-to-face, not simply by phone or email. I was moved by our beautiful, real conversation afterwards. And I was moved that he took pains to communicate to me what it was that so excited him.

That you said that, that you would say such a thing, blew me away.

And that, my blogging friends, is the reason to blog. It doesn’t get better than that.


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17 thoughts on “Reasons to blog

  1. Hello, I am always surprised at how something just appears, better to say “manifests” into where it was not a moment ago. Found your blog by accident while looking at another post, I am a new blogger (couple months) and an older artist (almost 70). Good writing is when you read something you wish you had written! Thanks for a lifting post.


  2. You’re right. It doesn’t get any better than that. When you know you’ve reached someone in a significant way, you know you’ve done something meaningful–something that fills the human spirit.

    Good for you. Good for us. :)


  3. Oh my. You could tie this conversation in with the one you had with Alex o a certain degree. Both were truly connecting to another person, but this one with you on the other side of the table as the listener. I think that is one secret to blogging. Connection. Fine post as usual.


  4. The word you and kati use in the comments above: connection. That’s really what it’s all about. Your story of meeting with A illustrates it so well, but I do also appreciate your list in the post above too… will have to quote you, credit you… you inspiration, you.


  5. –I absolutely love that he contacted you and told you how he felt about your post. It says much about his character…but also, much about the power of your words, dear.

    I remember your post about God, Narelle. It was one of your ‘BEST.”

    I loved this post so much! Xxx


  6. Someone replied to my post ( on ABC’s Unleashed, now The Drum Opinion): I’d like to have you and your husband as my next door neighbours. I was so moved, I cried a little… :)


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