The river in late sun

I live on the Yarra river in Melbourne, Australia. This is how it was this afternoon in the late autumn sun.


Images: The trusty iPhone. Best. Invention. Ever.


11 thoughts on “The river in late sun

    • Hi Kimmy, I walk along this river most days. Come with me? We’ll walk and talk for hours. Oh, of course, after we’ve bought a latte at the little cafe on the river just around the bend of the last photo. Have a lovely evening, ms beautiful chick xx


  1. How wonderful to live on a river! Gorgeous shots, Narelle. It’s so nice to place you in a visual context–and the peace and calm of the river mirror the content of your blogposts.


  2. Lovely dreamy post Narelle. May I join you on your walk? I walked for years alongside a creek which resembled one of your pictures. Always with a resident dog at heel. a fine peaceful start to a busy day. I’ll take you up on the latte as well.


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