New website


After weeks of learning and tweaking and fiddling, and being bamboozled by API codes, PHP files, plugins, MailChimp and a hundred other things non-coders were never meant to know, I’m finally letting my new business website out for air. This is it: Business Writing Coach.

The signup feature works, so if you feel inclined do please sign up as a subscriber. I plan to send out twice-monthly blog posts (when I can tame the Chimp).

A big acknowledgement to the design team of Theme Fusion, founded by Luke Beck and Muhammad Haris, makers of the Avada theme on which my new site is based. They were endlessly patient and polite with my questions, day after day, and their theme is elegant and beautifully-made.


Postscript: Another person who was a huge help when I was developing the new website is Tyler Moore. Tyler makes brilliant YouTube videos on creating WordPress websites. He’s an exceptional teacher with just the best sense of pace I’ve come across. If you too want to set up a new website using, I highly recommend his video, How to make a WordPress website.


15 thoughts on “New website

  1. Finishing a new website is always a major accomplishment. Way to go, Narelle! I hope lots of people who need lots of coaching find you fast. They will be the lucky ones.


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