Ode to Friday: Hesse


Many thousand glittering motes
Crowd forward greedily together
In trembling circles.
Extravagantly carousing away
For a whole hour rapidly vanishing,
They rave, delirious, a shrill whir,
Shivering with joy against death.
While kingdoms, sunk into ruin,
Whose thrones, heavy with gold, instantly scattered
Into night and legend, without leaving a trace,
Have never known so fierce a dancing.


~ A Swarm of Gnats by Hermann Hesse (born Germany, 1877-1962), translated by James Wright


6 thoughts on “Ode to Friday: Hesse

  1. Wouldn’t you just love to be “extravagantly carousing for an hour” or even two? “motes” brings to mind the dust motes which fly up and about with slight movement through an empty room. Have a good weekend.


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