Ode to Friday: cummings


love is more thicker than forget
more thinner than recall
more seldom than a wave is wet
more frequent than to fail

it is most mad and moonly
and less it shall unbe
than all the sea which only
is deeper than the sea

love is less always than to win
less never than alive
less bigger than the least begin
less littler than forgive

it is most sane and sunly
and more it cannot die
than all the sky which only
is higher than the sky

~ [love is more thicker than forget] by e e cummings (American, 1894-1962)


Image: Ochanomizu by Utagawa Kuniyoshi


16 thoughts on “Ode to Friday: cummings

  1. What great memories you have evoked with Cummings’ extraordinary poetry. He’d been lost, as in buried deep in my memory since back in the early eighties when I lived in California until 1985.

    I loved his way out adorable style, that which has one thinking in every direction all at once, and still end up with a whole and beautiful tableau… Thank you for this. I must now find some of his poetry… JJ


  2. Wow. I thought this must be a a poem from a super-modern, cutting edge poet, and it’s ee cummings! Love is “most sane and sunly.” How sweet and true. Thank you for posting this, Narelle! Such fun to read.


  3. I’ve always loved his style of lower case. Nothing more important than something. “mad and moonly” great! I absolutely love the painting as well. It’s simplicity complements the simple writing.


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