Passing of S N Goenka of Vipassana fame

Just had a note that S N Goenka, dear Goenka-ji, passed away at the age of 90 at his home in Mumbai on Sunday, 29 September 2013 at 10:40pm, Indian time.

I’m remembering his beautiful voice, his hand raised in blessing, his wit.

Anicca, anicca, anicca.



18 thoughts on “Passing of S N Goenka of Vipassana fame

    • He did indeed.

      I’m remembering a story he told about when they were beginning the Vipassana retreats. He told the Board of the organisation he wanted people to be able to attend for no cost (all food, accommodation for at least 10 days and so on would be provided). The Board was horrified. “What?” they said, “we’re in a city of millions of starving people and you want to give away free food and accommodation?” And he said, “Yes”, and it all worked out. Then when they were about to expand to the Western world, again he told the Board he wanted people to be able to attend for no cost. This time the Board was really horrified. “What?” they said, “you want to give free food and accommodation to people in the West? … They’ll be so suspicious.”

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  1. Thanks for your note on his passing away! He made the world a better place to live. We both were away on a Vipassana retreat. Our course had begun a few hours earlier the same day. September 29th was zero day. The news was broken to us on the metta day. This video to remind his old students about the Teacher’s Fee he asked every one, the practice of metta after every sitting of Vipassana.


  2. He was an extra ordinary person. Here is proof of how perfectly he planned every thing well in advance.
    “In 2012, Goenkaji named the Teachers responsible for centers as his successors. Teachers in each region will continue working together on a collegial basis, cooperating with Teachers in other areas. Vipassana courses will continue to be offered exactly as they have been, and the Wheel of Dhamma will keep turning for the good and happiness of many.”

    Detailed happening of the day of his passing is expected soon. I will share it with you as soon I get the print. It shows how Dhamma personifies itself in a person who practices it.


  3. Do you know if Goenka Ji left a successor? Today is the first time I heard of his passing and I came across your blog via a search engine.


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