The train to Possibility


So the Chicken-Little Express has just alighted on a new source of fuel for its ravenous boilers, the US debt-ceiling deadline. Meanwhile, in a long-dormant siding, two tiny engines sputter to life and begin their journey into uncharted territory. One person, among who knows how many, is train-spotting.


Two new possibilities have entered the world in the last month: Syria has agreed to surrender or destroy its chemical weapons and is in the process of doing so, and the US and Iranian Heads of State have spoken for the first time in 34 years.

Neither was possible one month ago.

The first occurred through a moment of genuine creativity, and the generosity and largeness of John Kerry and the US government. The second occurred – I know it via means I cannot convey to you – as a result of the first.

The first birthed something new in the world and that chink, that tiny little opening in what’s possible, had the second occur. The US President, Barack Obama, picked up the phone and for the first time in 34 years, Iran’s President, Hassan Rouhani answered.

The journey is afoot.


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9 thoughts on “The train to Possibility

    • In the world peace arena, those two events are miracles. That is just the word. Nothing greater than when an individual, a country, climbs down off its high horse, gives up its righteousness. The greatest miracle and two of them have occurred in the last month!

      And in the meantime, this situation with US domestic peace (ie, peace of mind) …

      You know this phrase, “home-grown terrorism”? It strikes me that what’s happening in the US is just that: terrorism.


    • I think it’s important we contain and disengage from fear-generating conversations. Get them as fear speaking, and then disengage. Nothing good ever came from fear. In individuals it has one freeze, get tunnel vision, start striking out in blind panic. Same thing with countries. Nothing new can emerge.

      From my outsider’s point of view, it appears the US has been allowing itself to be terrorised since at least 2001 and probably longer. The rhetoric about “we will go about our business, enjoy our freedom, and the terrorists will not win” occurs as empty; the terrorism has been internalised.


  1. From my hotel bed in Boston, via Benjamin Zander’s marvellous TED talk, to your comment, I surfed over to this, your blog post of today. Random acts of internet. I am moved by the sense of possibility, and so inspired by you, and the ways of your seeing it. Thank you.


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