Meditations: Thursday


What matters in life is simple. Are you free and loving? Are you bringing your gifts to the world that so badly needs them?

To recap: This is how Jack Kornfield opens his book, Bringing Home the Dharma: Awakening Right Where You Are. Kornfield is a Buddhist teacher and meditator from the US, and this week I’m writing a post each day relating to the content of the book. I’m calling them Meditations though they’re not necessarily about meditation or Buddhism per se. They’re about that opening statement.

Today, a poem from Kornfield’s book.


Any moment, preparing this meal,
we could be gas thirty thousand
feet in the air soon
to fall out poisonous on leaf,
frond and fur. Everything
in sight would cease.

And still we cook,
putting a thousand cherished
dreams on the table, to nourish
and reassure those close and dear.

In this act of cooking, I bid farewell.
Always I insisted you alone were to blame.
This last instant my eyes open
and I regard you with all
the tenderness and forgiveness
I withheld for so long.

With no future
we have nothing
To fight about.

~ Edward Espe Brown


Tomorrow: another Meditation on Kornfield’s book …


8 thoughts on “Meditations: Thursday

  1. Well the poem is nice, but the photo is just plain great! It speaks of great hopes and expectations, discovering a simple joy with a friend. Thanks for sharing it, you must have had the same feelings when you found it, a desire to share that moment. How could someone keep such a photo a secret, just like blogging it puts a nice breeze where everyone can enjoy it.


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