Feel the love


The Christmas edition of The Big Issue, sold by those who are homeless or disadvantaged, moved me to tears with its pages of Christmas wishes from Big Issue vendors. People who have little giving love and gratitude to others.

Here are some of the many:

To all my customers, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I enjoy it when you give me little treats like a coffee or cake. Also when you stop and say hi, or smile and wave hello. I like watching the day go by. ~ Con, Melbourne

Merry Christmas and happy wishes to all. Be good and I pray for peace and joy. ~ Heba, Melbourne

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my customers at all my pitches, and to Nick and staff at the Flagstaff Station cafe. With all my tips I get my hair done and buy new clothes. Best wishes for 2014. ~ Debra, Melbourne

In 2012 there was one
Who was from Wonderland
Did for me
What not a lot can easily do
Straight away and at hand
That was to save my life
When in tears
I was thinking of an end
For the first time in years
And so I’ve lifted
2013 has been a shade of green
Not brown or blue
Overall to the customer
That’s you.
~ Owen (Poet Laureate), Melbourne

Thanks to all my Sirs and Madams
throughout the year — may there be twice
as much next year! ~ Adam, Melbourne

I would really like to move to
Queensland because then I would be
near my parents. I wish more people
knew about The Big Issue. ~ Troy, Princess Bridge, Melbourne

I have a better life because I have met
a beautiful woman. We are engaged.
Before that I was constantly moving
from place to place. I felt I had no future.
Now I have a permanent place to stay. ~ Mark D, Melbourne

Sometimes the street surprised me a lot
this year. I hope all my customers (and
everyone else) has a good Christmas and
New Year. To anyone who was cheesed
off by some of my antics, I do apologise.
Sometime I will make amends. I hope
your Christmas present is a Mercedes
Benz. ~ Conrad, Richmond

You can find me standing on the street
selling most days. The money I’ve earned
has helped me buy some good things like
a new bag and a tablet, which I saved
up for. Little bits here and there make
life easier. The Big Issue has taught me
a lot about keeping some money aside
for the next day. Thank you and Merry
Christmas to my generous customers. ~ Rob, Perth

Thank you to my customers for
showing me such kindness with the
depression I’ve gone through in the
past year. Once again you’ve showed
me that people care. I’m able to live
now. The confidence I’ve gained
meeting people has helped to put me
in stable accommodation. You have
all helped me pull through hard times,
so thank you very much. And Merry
Christmas, always. ~ Horst, Perth



10 thoughts on “Feel the love

  1. Hi Narelle – thank you for posting and promoting The Big Issue magazine street vendors’ stories, very touching and real arent they …(I know quite a few of them personally, from when we launch our magazine over a breakfast for them every fortnight)
    I was away on holidays at the time (just returned) but we also had some publicity through our ambassador Lisa Wilkinson from the Channel Nine Today Show at that time, which outlined the benefits of also subscribing to The Big Issue; i.e The Womens Subscription Enterprise, which in turn supports ‘Homeless, Marginalised and Disadvantaged’ women.
    A guaranteed ‘independant’ quality read delivered to your mailbox every fortnight – I am also happy to support anyone who would like to subscribe personally – I love my job at The Big Issue, I can use my skills to make a difference and I am learning and growing every day.
    Watch the short story via video here : http://vimeo.com/82060055

    THE BIG ISSUE – Helping people help themselves (a hand up, not a hand out)


    • The Christmas wishes from vendors were very moving. It was such a great edition. I cried every time I picked it up, over the authenticity, courage, love. One of my blogging friends, Tom, in New Zealand was also affected by it and featured it on his blog too. You’re doing a great job, Suzanne. I’m glad the people at Big Issue have you xx


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