When will we start loving our mistakes?

When will we start loving our mistakes? They are the portals to falling in love with human beings.



9 thoughts on “When will we start loving our mistakes?

  1. I could not read more of this, your post, without first asking what mistake that needed loving, and was not received that did close down from your end, the once interesting, caring and enjoyable exchanges, and for me a cherished friendship I so enjoyed, a mistake which unbeknownst to me caused its demise?

    All the same, I wish you a very Happy and Joyous New Year! Jean-Jacques Fournier


  2. When I used to teach languages, I’d tell students that they needed to make more mistakes. Mistakes show we’re taking risks and trying new things–all good.


    • So true. Making mistakes is essential to learning a skill and we feel so shy to do it, esp in language, our most intimate skill. And I’m just getting present to the implications of mistake-making in our relationships. Essential again. And mind boggling thereby.

      We need a new word for it, don’t we? We use “breakdown” at Landmark to try to get outside the associations. Maybe there’s a better one still …

      Best wishes for the New Year, beautiful Jann xx


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