Ode to Friday: Hafez

Linear Development A 1971 by Victor Pasmore 1908-1998


Is God speaking.

Why not be polite and

Listen to


~ Why Not Be Polite? by Khwāja Shamsu d-Dīn Muhammad Hāfez-e Shīrāzī (خواجه شمس‌ دین محمد حافظ شیرازی‎), known by his pen name, Hāfez (Persian, 1325–1390)


ImageLinear Development A, 1971 by Victor Pasmore


12 thoughts on “Ode to Friday: Hafez

  1. Yeah, time teaches folk to be better listeners. A response ain’t always necessary either.I almost didn’t respond to this post :-) I have a quote in my mirror that says: Before you speak, ask yourself, is it necessary, is it kind, is it true, does it improve upon the silence?


    • We have it that listening is not speaking. There’s another listening too, many listenings. There’s the listening in which we create the world, create other people … we listen as God, the creator.

      I went into a shop yesterday and there was some Japanese incense there with a sign over it saying the Japanese view incense-burning as an art and that they call it “listening”.


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