Doing time, doing Vipassana

Genie kindly posted the film about the revolutionary regime introduced to Indian jails by the famous female New Delhi police officer, Kiran Bedi. When Bedi rose to become Inspector General of Prisons, she inherited the massive Tihar jail, one of the world’s largest. It is India’s best-known high security prison and has 10,000 inmates, 9,000 of whom are awaiting trial.

Bedi was looking for an answer to the violence and wretchedness experienced by the inmates of Tihar, and one day an answer emerged: the practice of Vipassana meditation as taught by S. N. Goenka.

The film is deeply moving. The final scenes of the men discovering the world as it is, discovering responsibility, will crack open the frozen sea inside you. And seeing Goenka-ji again, after his death last year, makes my heart leap. Get out the tissues and watch it. Here it is …



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