Be listened as you’ve never been listened before

You are invited as my guest this Wednesday evening to the final session of my Sex and Intimacy seminar with Landmark. The magnificent Anne-Marie Brown is leading the guest event. She’s led to over 10,000 people and is a master at putting people at ease and hearing their greatness. You’ve never been listened until you’ve been listened by Anne-Marie.

Don’t worry; you don’t have to talk about your sex life. As a guest, you’ll have your own introduction to the Landmark Forum and create a new possibility for an area of your life.

The event starts at 7pm and ends at 10pm, and it’s free. Come to the Landmark Centre at 151 Sturt Street, South Melbourne, a few doors down from the Malthouse Theatre. There’s plenty of parking. Ask for me when you get there, and I’ll introduce myself and save you a seat next to me.

Just think. How do you want it to be when you walk into work on Thursday morning? Same old conversation about My Kitchen Rules or a whole new possibility for life?




2 thoughts on “Be listened as you’ve never been listened before

  1. Wish I could make it out there…and I wouldn’t mind talking about my sex life. I think if people were more comfortable talking about it, that would alleviate a lot of unnecessary problems.

    Hope you have fun!


    • Hi Casey, I’d like to have you come along too. Do you have a local Landmark centre you can visit to do some seminars? The next one we’re doing is “Money: From Concern to Freedom”. Sounds good to me!

      In the Sex and Intimacy seminar we’ve been discovering what intimacy means and distinguishing it not as a thing or a concept but as a clearing for our lives. We’ve discovered that in the everyday understanding of the world there is no clearing for the possibility of being intimate; instead, there is a clearing for being separate. During the seminar I went to a family reunion. All my cousins were there and I love them and was happy to see them and then at a certain point I realised I kept thinking about leaving, how much longer would I have to stay, when would it be over, and so on. Afterwards, I realised the discomfort came from my not being with them, and then I got it was actually myself I couldn’t be with in that moment (including all the people I have been in the past and haven’t been). I created the possibility of acceptance.


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