Feather woman


My Landmark buddies and me invent possibilities. They are possibilities for being. Sometimes, the possibility stays in existence for days or hours, others stay in existence for years. The possibility of being joy that I created in 2008 still moves me to this day.

I saw C, she of the 64 years, according to her birth certificate, the other night. She was wearing a skin tight, lime green mini-dress and long feather earrings like Pocahontas. She was lit up, magnetic, a leader. We wanted to be near her, to hear a word from her for us.

Next day, I got thinking about those feather earrings. I wanted them. Thought a bit more, “Ah, what I want is to be someone who wears feather earrings” and, lo, feather woman was born.

This is my new possibility for how ever long it moves me: the possibility of being light, sexy, feather woman!!



7 thoughts on “Feather woman

  1. You see, all it takes to be “feather woman” is a pair of cute earrings. I, however, AM the real feather woman. My Pueblo name “Pachofa” means Three Feathers! People have been giving me earrings, notepaper, napkins, whatever, for years. It’s fun to have an alternate ID. Go gettum girl! Bisous.


  2. This was written Monday, and never posted. .

    I celebrate Lucero’s day every Monday. He is the Spirit of the Crossroads. Of potentiality and possibilities. He opens doors, or closes them, as needed. He leads transformation.

    I read your post after having done the ritual and offerings, and now sit and smile, as he smiles with me. Nodding. The shape-shifter, creator of new realities, approves wholeheartedly!

    Thank you for your insights!

    I hope we will see a picture of you with those ear rings! :-)

    Be well,



    • I’m intrigued and excited, Antonio. About the Spirit of the Crossroads, of potentiality and possibilities! It fits perfectly with my experience of creating Feather Woman, being Feather Woman. Thank you. I feel your blessing and bless you in return xx


  3. Thank you for your blessing!

    It is Wednesday at 5:24 a.m. here. I just woke up laughing aloud. With intention. Hearing these words: “To be intrigued is delicious. It opens the door a crack. Now it is “just” a matter of opening it to let the winds of change and transformation in.” Today, coincidentally, is Centella’s day. She is the spirit of the winds of change.

    Blessings xx


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