Life-giving Turmoil – A Sermon for the Sunday of the Passion: Palm Sunday, Matthew 21:1-11

Here is Father Mike speaking of the Holy Week. In Australia, we’re well into Wednesday, the day Judas, the betrayer in all of us, does his deed …

Interrupting the Silence

Triumphal Entry, Icon, Palm Sunday, Sunday of the Passion, Matthew 21:1-11, Matthew 27:11-54, Sermon, Turmoil, Earthquake, Holy Week Icon of the Triumphal Entry (source)

Today is known as the Sunday of the Passion: Palm Sunday. (There are two gospel readings: Matthew 21:1-11 (the triumphal entry) and Matthew 27:11-54 (the passion)). I’ve been wondering and thinking though about a different name for this day. What if we renamed today “Turmoil Sunday?” Does that sound like the gospel to you? Did you show up today hoping or expecting Jesus to bring some turmoil? Is the turmoil bringing Jesus the one you want to know and follow?

My guess is that, for most of us, the answers to those questions are, “No, no,” and “no.” I can honestly say that I have never prayed for Jesus to bring me some turmoil and I’m betting most of you haven’t either. Most of us probably pray for and hope Jesus will bring just the opposite: some peace and calm, answers to…

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