Word is not limited to what comes out of your mouth.



6 thoughts on “Word

  1. Interesting quote. A word is a symbol–sound or notation–of a concept. The concept only exists in one’s consciousness. The symbol is made concrete by denoting it or uttering it. But it had to be understood by another for the symbol to have any meaning. In what context was this quote taken? Just curious…


    • I made the statement the other night at dinner with my Landmark buddies. After I said it I heard it and realised it as true.

      We were discussing word as in what I’ve given my word to, and also word as creating reality. And I thought of a woman I met last year who created something extraordinary without speaking. She created an extraordinary space where we could be safe and loved and where we could be with others. After some weeks of this experience I started to wonder how she was doing it because it was clear she was the one who was having it happen. And i realised it was not in what she said or didn’t say. It was in who she was being.


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