This is not love

Dedicated to the memory of my Auntie B, murdered by her partner in 1970 by fire.

Kim Sisto-Robinson has written an exceptional post on domestic violence at her blog, My Inner Chick. Kim’s sister, Kay, was murdered by her husband on 26 May 2010.

Please go and read it and spread Kim’s message.

Here it is: 8 Ways to Kick Domestic Violence Ass (Before it’s too late).



6 thoughts on “This is not love

  1. I’m so sorry about your Auntie B, Narelle. I’ve just read Kim’s post and was floored (even though I knew most of the details before). You’re right. It is exceptional!!


    • Thanks for acknowledging my Auntie B, Jann. The details about Kay’s death are vile. And seeing the wedding photo …

      I second what you say about “was there ever such a voice as Kim’s on this matter”.


    • Thank you, Kayti. No one mentions my Auntie in my extended family. I want to remember her.

      What a horrid thing it is. And for a parent so devastating. When Kim’s Dad comments on her posts, like he does in this one, it really brings home the impact.


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