Ummm and errr …

Undated, Chicago, IL

I’m out of things to say. I think it’s temporary. I used to have my pet standbys to fall back on, like books, for instance. Now I read only two sorts: those about God, often disguised as something else, and crime novels. The latter are honest. The former, the only sort not beside the point. Literary fiction, on the other hand …

There is no point to writing unless it’s to touch ourselves and through ourselves to touch the world. And just for now, I’m fully touched up. My cup overflows and not in words today …


Image: Vivian Maier


10 thoughts on “Ummm and errr …

  1. I clicked “like” but I don’t really like that you aren’t talking. Just hit yourself upside the head and look around you. Even if it’s to berate one of your readers! I’m kidding of course, what could you possibly have to say that is mean about ME?

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