Self as clearing


You could say it [transformation] is a shift in the basis of experience from self as point of view, or from self as direct experience, to self as self, or self as simply being. True transformation is the recovery by the self of the generating principles with which self creates the self. Transformation is self as self – the space in which being occurs …

~ Werner Erhard’s Ideas and Applications


Image: These flowers come to visit every year: the jasmine, a crimson camellia and a pink camellia. This year, when I open my bedroom window, the jasmine comes right in, tendril first, to be with me. I’m a clearing for flowers.


8 thoughts on “Self as clearing

  1. I just read a novel in which a young Chinese woman plucks a jasmine blossom out of her hair and puts it into her lover’s teacup. He still remembers the fragrance of that jasmine years later, when the two of them are no longer together.


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