Note about trolling

Richard will not be commenting here any longer. He’s been acting on behalf of another person who was disgruntled about a comment I made three years ago and is apparently still disgruntled.



8 thoughts on “Note about trolling

  1. I’ve never been able to get my head around trolling. How do people have the time, inclination and desire to spread hate? So toxic, to others but mainly to themselves.

    My fav quote I read recently was ‘If the words you spoke appeared on your skin would you still be beautiful?

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    • Powerful quote. The trolling thing is disturbing. It helps me if I think of it as the internet version of a “poison pen” letter that was in just about every Agatha Christie novel I’ve read. What chills me about this instance is that the two people have been ruminating about the imagined hurt for three years, and one has been pretending to be my friend or at least a friendly reader for that time. It’s worthy of Iago.


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