Woman as goddess: Jean Paul Gaultier at Melbourne NGV


That’s Kylie Minogue behind the lace mask, one of several Australian muses of the French designer, Jean Paul Gaultier. A far cry from the “singing budgie”, no?

The JPG exhibition opened here on Friday and I’m still getting over what I saw. There are wonders everywhere. There’s an outfit made of paillettes of brown crocodile skin jointed together by crochet. He’s made brown stockings to match with an invisible zipper up the back of each leg and the stockings are encrusted with rows of nodules of crocodile skin that peter out as they descend to the foot, turning the wearer’s leg into a perfect crocodile tail. The man’s inventiveness and attention to detail is mind-boggling and it cheers me up tremendously.

So much is passed off today as being extraordinary, exceptional, innovative. In every field, not just fashion, and mostly it turns out to be boring and unremarkable. Then one is face-to-face with the real thing and I’m in awe. No adjectives, no explanations needed. It speaks itself and everyone understands the language.

Following are my photos from the exhibition (click on an image to enlarge and watch as a slideshow). If your womanhood is weighing on you at present, go along to the exhibition. You’ll come out feeling goddess. It’s on at the NGV Melbourne until 8 February 2015.





6 thoughts on “Woman as goddess: Jean Paul Gaultier at Melbourne NGV

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! High fashion really is an art form. I don’t imagine I will make it to the exhibition, so I’m doubly grateful to you for posting the photographs. Very good photos, by the way!


    • Yes, I think the exhibition has already been to Canada. Montreal I think it was. The photos are pretty good especially for an iphone and no flash, aren’t they? It must be the clothes themselves, the shapes and lines and workmanship makes it impossible to take a bad photo of them.


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