This shall be

He was upset, speaking about the missing years, his brothers cut off from their children, his father and grandfather cut off from their grandchildren, his brothers cut off from each other. Every way he looked there was distance and division. His eyes filled with the speaking of it, and then he was afraid of not being “strong”. Do you know how beautiful you are at this moment, I asked.

Right then his wife came along, and he, sitting in a chair, pulled her to him and buried his face in her body. Like a man drowning. She held him and stroked him.

Later, when he’d been freed from his sadness and burden, he came up to thank me for listening to him, and told me, marvelling, about how he’d been when they’d first met. It was low-key, he said, strange. We hadn’t known each other very long, and I just wanted to marry her and I said that we would get married and then we would do this and then this would happen … This was me speaking, this is how I was. I was like a lion, a king …



8 thoughts on “This shall be

    • And so many people hold themselves off from the world, from their families, from love. Caught up in a misunderstanding about who their family is for them, what the world is for them, and thinking they’ll punish that family, that world, by cutting them off. Years, decades go by, and the walls get higher because now the person has to cling on even harder to the edifice they’ve built in order to justify the pain and sadness and loss they’ve endured through their own decisions …


  1. …and pride, pride should never get in the way, should never prolong estrangement. Oh I know this from experience. Ignored my inner voice that time was running out to make it right…I wasn’t the one doing the ‘punishing’ but I was the one who didn’t go the (needed) extra mile…


    • Got it, Steven, that you are willing to be responsible for not doing what was needed. Bravo. You know, even if the person has died, it is not too late. There is no such thing as too late. You can be forgiven and get complete. It’s possible xx

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