Dustiness is who we are


“When we forget our dustiness, our mortality, our human nature, we begin practicing our piety, our life, before others; hoping to be seen, recognised, and praised.”

~ Father Mike on remembering we are human beings, that dust is our source and completion, and dustiness, who we are. Read him here: Welcome to the human race.




4 thoughts on “Dustiness is who we are

    • Yes, indeed. And I get anew something else from reading Mike’s post about dustiness. I get anew that dustiness is who we are, right in this moment. We are “an undifferentiated wisp of being” (Kurt Vonnegut), dust, no-thing, right here now. It’s not like we’re going to BECOME dust when our bodies stop working or that before we were born, we WERE dust. It’s that who we are has never changed and never will. We are in this moment who we were before we were born and who we’ll be after our bodies stop working. We are eternally dust. And whenever we forget this (ie, all the time) and think of ourselves as a THING which is “good”, “right”, “pious”, “moral”, “competent” and so on, we suffer. To say it another way, whenever we pretend we are MORE THAN HUMAN or ABOVE HUMAN, we are lost, we are no longer there.

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