“Standing quietly by the fence …”

“Standing quietly by the fence
You smile your wondrous smile
I am speechless
And my senses are filled
by the sounds of your beautiful song
Beginningless and endless
I bow deeply to you.”

The you refers to a flower, a dahlia.


Quoted in Peace is every step by Thich Nhat Hanh, written by a young friend he once knew.


10 thoughts on ““Standing quietly by the fence …”

    • That’s a good phrase you’ve got there, “the hidden contents of pronouns”. I meditate on pronouns in my business when working with organisations and individuals on language.

      I like aardvark. How about this one? The you refers to you.

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  1. How lovely. :) People scoff at anthropomorphizing nature, but I believe it is entirely appropriate. Flowers, trees, animals–they are all alive and contribute to the energy and experience of life. Poets, artists, creative souls all know this. Thank you for sharing another bit of Buddhist wisdom. :) <3


  2. You may want to double check the punctuation. From what I see in the version in Inside the Now, there should be a period after “smile,” a comma after “song” and a period after “endless.” These help with the intended flow.


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