Mighty George


“Hey, Golden Girl. Thank you. I’m happy that you enjoyed her death as much as I did. There is a beauty in death that we often miss because we turn away. Charlie watched his pops sicken and die. He saw his body after death. He listened to Pops talk to him the night before he died. He understands that death is part of life and that there is no fear in death. We talked about my own death and he understood, accepted it, and is not afraid. Children learn what we teach by our behaviors and our attitudes. We must change our avoidance of death and dying. We must stop turning away and hiding. That is the source of much suffering for the dying and for the survivors. We can only do this one family at the time. I am hopeful that our attitudes will eventually become realistic and accepting of the deaths of our elders. And we can celebrate again in the old ways.”

~ The mighty George Weaver, blogger and inspiration to many, in a comment to me regarding the death of a staghorn and the end of her own life which she is facing with courage and love and her trademark chuckle. Love you, George.


Image: Pink Lady by George


7 thoughts on “Mighty George

  1. Lovely.
    I know for a fact that there are worst things than death.
    For example, living w/out our loved ones on earth.
    No Fear!
    We will unite again in Paradise.
    O’ I thank God for that!
    Love your posts, Narelle. xxx Kiss from Duluth.


  2. Read Eckhard Tolle’s books, and his description of the enlightenment which comes along with death is so soothing that one can only wait and hope that it will indeed be a moment when eyes open and light emanates. I’ve read a few of your posts, and I love the lovely lilt of your writing.


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