Down the rabbithole


I sat down a few weeks ago and estimated the amount of time I’m spending on social media each week, and it was about 23 hours.

That’s not including writing in this blog.

I was shocked. Maybe there’s nothing intrinsically wrong in this, and I enjoy most of it in an aimless kind of way; all the same, I don’t want to be spending so much of my life on it. Since then, I’ve dropped a few activities and cut back on the time I spend on other activities.

I also saw that I view writing in this blog as being in a different category, and that I really value it.

I may not always have something to say and I treasure the fact I have a place to say it when I do. Furthermore, it’s a place which is free from considerations and calculations. Here, the stats don’t matter and there’s no purpose or agenda, particularly not a marketing agenda which, in other places, can be deafening.

This re-evaluation was prompted by a half-day course on social media I attended. The well-meaning presenter deluged us with lists of do and don’ts, tips and strategies for growing our “social media presence” for business purposes.

After the 100th slide on driving our Twitter followers from 5,000 to 10,000, or the futility of relying on native Facebook (hence, you’d better just pay up and get a Facebook ad), or the new must-do of Periscope, Vine or blah blah blah, my friend leaned over and whispered, “I think I’m going to go live in a cave.”

It was so sweet to escape into the fresh air and run to the nearest cafe to be with people enjoying themselves across the table from each other.

What is the point of all this? It’s insane. We don’t need more noise. We need less.



18 thoughts on “Down the rabbithole

  1. Hallelujah, sgc! The trouble with the social media is, it’s so superficial. I’d rather the fresh air and a good cafe with great coffee, sitting among people enjoying themselves. I’m all for the fifth estate – damn, we need it. But let’s spend half an hour a day on it to glean the message and a couple of hours conversing across the table from each other about the message.


  2. That’s harsh – I’ve no doubt, if you’re sourcing sensible places, you’ll glean a good message. Be careful though or you’ll become addicted to the ease of it all – do you remember that tennis game, one of the first digital media games invented. I wasted hours as a youth on that silly business.


      • “… the non-fixers drawing board for you :)…” Sorry, scg, I’m struggling with the esoteric. I need further explanation. (I’m contemplating an online Arts Degree in English (seriously, I am) at this stage in my life (I’m 58 years old now) in an effort to grasp some of this modern language.) Sorry.


      • Hey, by the way, I do not profess to be any sort of guru of social media – far, far from it. You floated the proposition of ”… a message to glean, apparently…” I responded. Your response is a ‘straw man argument.’ I’m over strawman arguments. That’s why I, “left a blog disillusioned with the company…” If I’m not welcome here, sgc, let me know.


      • Hey BR. I don’t understand why you want to be here. I don’t discuss Australian politics (like drinking poison) and I don’t do argument, debate or opinion (bores me stupid). I discuss things like philosophy, God, Buddhism and transformation, and I often do so using philosophical language.

        There are millions of blogs out there and probably thousands that would suit you better. You seem a bit lost, if I may say. Perhaps you could check out the Freshly Pressed page for suggestions of other blogs:

        You are welcome here, and I’m unlikely to be changing my subjects or style of discussion any time soon. Best wishes to you.


  3. Thank you–this needed to be said. Technology has always been a domain where the means can quickly become the end and social media is a perfect example. It’s bad enough when it consumes too much time but it’s scary when people start to morph their real world existence to an artificially constructed social media presence.


  4. I agree.
    And I’m finding myself getting caught up in the addiction of Social Media, too.
    I cannot lie.
    It was quite nice getting away from all of the NOISE of S. M. while on vacation.
    Kiss from MN.


  5. Just the thought of going from 5,000 to 10,000 overnight freaks me out. What I value in blogging, in addition to what you have described– the opportunity to express freely, when and how one desires, without worry of statistics or outcomes– are the moments when you find resonance with other people on ideas or feelings that matter to you and to them. Relationship. I can’t be in relationship this way with 10,000 people I don’t know, and I have no desire to commoditize friendship. But there are people we discover through doing our thing, and speaking our truths, that add a dimension to our lives. One or two of those is an astonishing gift…

    I loved the moment of turning towards the cave… :)


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  6. I really miss the pre-Facebook days. And yet I enjoy it for many reasons…ahh! It’s an internal tug of war. But lately, my desire for less noise is dominating. To the point where I’m fantasizing about deleting my account entirely! :) Hope you are doing very well, Narelle!

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    • Hi Aleya. Great to see you blogging again! I get it about the tug of war. Facebook’s interesting. I used to buy into the hype about its evils and also the GUI was confusing to me (not as simple and elegant as WP or Twitter), and then I started using it actively about a year ago and discovered all these people I haven’t seen for 30 years and it’s been wonderful. I promised my hairdresser I’d join Instagram this weekend …

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