The budgie has flown: For Australians


By Michael Leunig.


8 thoughts on “The budgie has flown: For Australians

    • You are a brave woman, taking on a local joke!

      So, there are three things you need to know. The first you already know: we have a new PM. The second is that the outgoing PM, though by some accounts, intelligent and human enough behind doors, and a former student for the priesthood, liked to portray himself as a violence-speaking thug who, when not threatening someone, would be occupied in manly feats such as firefighting and triathlons wearing a tight red swimming costume and hairy chest. The third is that in Aussie slang, this kind of swimming costume is called the “budgie smuggler” because the wearer looks as if, by accident or design, they have secreted a budgie (budgerigar) in their pants. As to why the poor humble budgie, I have no idea!!!!

      God, I enjoyed that. Come back soon :) :) :) xxx


    • Plane wreck, spot on. The first one definitely thought of himself as Putin, Little Putin of the South. When Big Putin arrived for a G20 meeting, Little Putin went into overdrive. No one wanted to own up to being an Australian for the strutting and posturing going on.


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