A non-couch potato future

Contrary to the stories about the evils and viciousness of Facebook, when I started using it actively about a year ago all I saw were the surprising number of acquaintances who, though I saw them only last week, were now apparently in Paris, and a constant stream of feel-good messages. Instead of people being nasty, it was all lovehearts and people assuring the world that they’ve made it.

And sometimes, it is inspiring! Here’s one such example. It’s the story of Ernestine Shepherd. Ernestine started lifting weights at the age of 56, and now, at the age of 77 looks and speaks like a woman in her 30s. She gets up every morning at 2:30am to go for a run with her husband, and I love the scenes of her in her kitchen at this early hour. She is in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s oldest female bodybuilder; if they had a category for inspiring others, she’d be a record-breaker in that section too.

If you’re a woman, or a man, and you’re planning a couch potato future, you might like to listen to Ernestine.



8 thoughts on “A non-couch potato future

  1. I had the opposite reaction to Facebook, the friends I hadn’t been in touch with for years, shocked me by the ridicules and waste of time stuff they posted, as well, they seemed to forget that Facebook is not one’s living room where anything can be said to family and close friends, it boggles my mind how the natural tendency to be discreet and private about the most important matters in one’s personal life, is splattered all over Facebook, and the pics of people’s children posted, with no regard for privacy settings — it was so dreadful that I left and deleted my account.

    The other thing that I don’t like about Facebook, is that they call people “users”, excuse me, I’m a human being not a “user”.


    • It is shocking when one first arrives and you see what people put on there. Now I’ve been there a while I see that in fact there’s a whole half of life that’s missing from FB: the part where one’s not overseas or one’s kids aren’t looking too cute or you’ve just lost your job or you feel like rubbish.

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  2. Hello, Darling.
    Facebook is my fave. social media! I’ve connected with co-workers, writers, bloggers, and cat lovers!!!
    I’ve not had any problems, but I
    know several people who have.
    The FAB. woman above I saw on Oprah. WOW. What an inspiration!
    Kiss from MN.


    • Darling, do you follow @mysadcat on Twitter? I’m sure you’d love him as I do.

      This lady is just wonderful. Her beautiful voice, the beautiful way she has of speaking. Her beautiful face. So inspiring to me! Kisses from MLB xxx


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