Knitting Xmas presents again

I’m knitting Christmas presents again, after years away.  I think I stopped because I wore some of my own socks and realised I’d been making them too big. Burst my bubble for a bit. All those socks given as presents and mostly too big. Oh well.

I’ve forgotten the yarn I’m using in the striped ones. The pink and purple ones are in Poems Sock Yarn by Wisdom Yarns. The pale blue is going to be a beanie for me because I haven’t knitted one before. It’s in a very beautiful yarn called Sublime by Sirdar which is merino, silk and cashmere. The pattern is Sitka Spruce, adapted for DK yarn by Tin Can Knits. The basque is a twisted rib stitch which is very nice.



11 thoughts on “Knitting Xmas presents again

  1. It’s always so exciting to start a new knitting project, isn’t it? Everything about it is fun: choosing the pattern and the yarn, casting on the first stitches. I think I might be inspired to start a knitting project myself!


  2. That’s it! Back on the saddle! I can’t knit to save my life. I tried but never got the hang of it. I’m thinking I should try again. I’d love to knit myself a chunky scarf. Your post has just encouraged me to try again!


    • Hi there, Ms BR. Glad you feel encouraged. Knitting really is the best. It’s so relaxing. If everyone in the world knitted, there’d be no wars. Just plenty of socks!

      I think you’re Zione’s sister … is that right? She’s wonderful and I’m tickled to meet you.

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      • Hahahahahahaha. I agree; with plenty of socks and no wars! Yes, I’m Zi’s sister and I will be spending Christmas with her too! There won’t be a need for a chunky scarf this Christmas, but still I’d love to learn to knit for when I get back! Great meeting you too!


      • I gotta tell Zi we’ve been chatting! PS. I know you’re in London and god knows one needs all the chunkiness one can get in a London winter, and you may find it easier and more enjoyable to learn to knit using a yarn that gives you pleasure. Maybe something soft like cashmere or alpaca and in a 8ply (DK) weight. Cheers.

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    • “Constant knitter” … I like that phrase. I think that’s the way with knitting. One’s either constantly into it, or completely out of it. The hat on the bottom is the pattern I’m knitting. I think it’s going to be fantastic in the pale blue yarn. It’ll show up the pattern and the yarn’s got a slightly corded look which will add to it.


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