“I hope you get well soon”


Another anecdote about the self-hatred endemic to human beings in Western culture which is apparent to outsiders on first observing the culture …

“Ajahn Chah noticed this pervasive self-dissatisfaction when he helped lead a retreat at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts, in 1979. He was struck by how hard Western students are on themselves and how much they struggle to change themselves. One afternoon during walking meditation, I took Ajahn Chah outside and we wandered among the dozens of students who were walking slowly up and down the grassy lawn. Ajahn Chah remarked to me that the meditation centre was kind of like a hospital. As we passed by the students, he would smile and say to them with amusement, ‘I hope you get well soon.'”

~ Jack Kornfield, The Wise Heart


Image: Balance canes, Arthur Coutts and daughter, Pauline; taken on Bondi Beach, 17 September 1939 by George Caddy; photo of the photo taken by me at the exhibition, On the beach, Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery until 28 February 2016


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