Bad mango



“We can actually see that these thoughts do not have our well-being in mind. They are like a bad friend or an approaching mugger, and we can recognise their harmful potential and immediately turn in another direction. Ajahn Chah described this as recognising bad mangoes. ‘When we choose a fruit to eat, do we pick up the good mangoes or the rotten ones? It is the same in the mind. Learn to know which are the rotten thoughts and immediately turn from them to fill your basket with ripe beautiful mind states instead.'”

 ~ The Wise Heart, Jack Kornfield



8 thoughts on “Bad mango

    • That. Choosing to eat a bad mango also poisons those around us. I went for a pre-dawn walk this morning and there was a bad mango or two in my pockets. I thought “bad mango” and they fell to the ground harmlessly :)


    • Honey, all’s well with me down here in summer. The start of the weekend and I’m going to have a day of doing all the things I like to do. Knit a sock, read a book, write a post, have some new conversations with friends and family. How are you, Kimmy? xxx


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