Freedom from fear, freedom from the attempt to shame: Australia Day address, 2016


To my fellow Australians, I urge you to listen to this Australia Day address by human rights lawyer, Deng Thiak Adut; note, among so much that is superb, the absence of blame, of “calling out”, of the attempt to shame. That’s what being a leader is about, what transformation is about.

Contrast it with the recent speech by Stan Grant, one that is well-intentioned and fails on these fronts. “Calling out” – ie, attempting to shame – cannot, will not, ever work. Shame is the most powerful and destructive of human forces, and seeking to induce or extort it, no matter the justification, is no less a violence than dropping a bomb.

Listen to the address here: Rescued child soldier delivers 2016 Australia Day Address on Australia Day.

Or read the transcript here: Australia Day Address, 2016 



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