The greatest acknowledgement


What is the greatest acknowledgement you have received in your life? Being a language nut and a communication nut, I often think about the greatest words that have been given to me, and the greatest words I can give to another.

I really do live my life from the premise there is a word which, when uttered, can change everything. Like “Abracadabra!” or “Open, sesame!”

These are some of the greatest acknowledgements that have been given to me in my life.

A man I worked with about 12 years ago said, “You have a beautiful mind.” Isn’t that great? I love it.

Another man came up to me at the end of an intense training and development program seven years ago and said, “I knew that so long as you were here, everything would be alright.” Wow! I was so moved when he said that, and I’m moved all over again telling it now.

Then there was the day of my dad’s funeral. I knew I wanted to say something, and I felt sad and wordless. So I called up a friend the day before the funeral and she asked me one question, “What are you creating for tomorrow?”

As soon as the question was out, the answer was right there: “Unity.” So that’s what I created on the day. I stood up and spoke about a walk I took with Dad when I was about seven years old, and then spent the rest of the time speaking about who remained and acknowledging each member of my family. So it was a eulogy that mostly wasn’t about the person who had died! Afterwards, my mother came up to me and said, “Thank you for what you said”. That meant a lot.

What about you? What are the greatest acknowledgements you have received in your life?


Image: Isn’t this a great pic? I got it off Facebook. It doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with this post. I just love it!


5 thoughts on “The greatest acknowledgement

  1. (From Neri on Facebook): “i think recently it was my dying mother saying ‘I love you’ it was all she could say it’s taken me a while to get it. Previously, it was i’m proud of you and always heard the child hood mantra you could do better.”


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