Hell Yeah! – A Holy Saturday Sermon on Matthew 27:57-66 and Job 14:1-14

Each year I look forward to reading Father Mike in Texas at Easter. He has special insight into the meaning and implications of the story, deepened by the death of his own beloved son. This year I particularly enjoyed his post on Easter Saturday, “the day after” he calls it, the day after the death, the diagnosis, the ending of the relationship, and so on. I hope it gives you something too …

Interrupting the Silence

Job 14:1-14
Matthew 27:57-66

Death, Harrowing of Hell, Descent into Hell, Holy Saturday, Matthew 27:57-66, Job 14:1-14, Sermon, Resurrection Harrowing of Hell, 14th century, Chora Church, Istanbul (By Gunnar Bach Pedersen – Self-photographed, Public Domain)

“If mortals die, will they live again?” (Job 14:14)

That’s Job’s question. It’s a Holy Saturday kind of question. It’s a question all of us ask on the Holy Saturdays of our lives.

Jesus was crucified, killed, yesterday. His body was placed in a tomb. A great stone was placed over the entrance. The woman sit opposite the tomb. They do nothing. They say nothing. They just sit. Then comes the next day, Holy Saturday, and the tomb is sealed, guarded, and made secure. (Matthew 27:57-66)

Holy Saturday, however, is not only a day on the liturgical calendar, it is also a reality experienced in each of our lives. That’s how liturgy works. It reflects and images back to us the reality of our lives. On the calendar Holy…

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