“From my friend Frank I have learned love …”


I just learned that the family and friends of the late Professor Frank Fisher wish to use the article I wrote about Frank for his In Memoriam website. I posted some excerpts here about three years ago and you made some of the most beautiful comments I’ve ever received. There’s a link to the post at the end of this post.

In re-reading it, I’m moved all over again, and particularly by something one of his students/friends said. His name is Josh Floyd and he said this of Frank:

From my friend, Frank Fisher, I have learned love. I’ve tried to take some care in expressing this: it’s not learning about love, or about how to love that I’m pointing to here, though along the way I expect I’ve learned something of that too. I’m not trying to say something like, “prior to our friendship, I didn’t know love.” And I don’t know that Frank actually set out to teach love. It’s more along these lines:

Walking awhile with Frank,
Love is embodied.
And ordinary,
Nothing to remark about

~ Josh Floyd

Original post: Professor of Vulnerability



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