Radio “I love you”


Following on from the series of posts about the non-silence inside us, including Radio NST (Non-Stop Thinking), I came across this email from a woman describing what her internal radio is saying to her. It was part of a project run by ABC Broadcasting in Australia which solicited listeners’ descriptions of their “inner voices” and what they are saying.

If I have to have a radio playing non-stop in my head, please let it be the channel Silvana is tuned to! Here is her email …

For a number of years now, whenever some “shameful” moment comes to my mind, or when I feel silly or do something silly, have doubt about my abilities, a voice in my head clearly says (often out loud) the words “I love you”.

This happens relatively often, even more than once a day, sometimes for small things.

Please don’t laugh! At first, it made me even more ashamed. Then I thought it was a reaction to the end of my 22 years of marriage, that maybe I was telling “someone else” that I loved them, as I used to tell my husband.

But after a while, I recognised the pattern … so now when I hear those words in my mind, or even utter them, I know I am telling myself: “It’s OK, it is not that bad, nothing to worry about, don’t be ashamed”.

In a way, I’m telling myself I should forgive myself, even for past things.

And since nobody says it anymore, after the loss of a loving person who, I felt, loved me no matter what … now I tell myself that I am loveable.

~ Silvana, by email


Image: How much is that doggy at the supermarket?


2 thoughts on “Radio “I love you”

  1. I say “I love you” all the time…
    because there are so many people I love,
    including you!
    Ps. I’m trying to find “TRAPPED” on Netflix. Do you know where I can watch this? xx


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