Beloved is where we begin


“If you would enter
into the wilderness,
do not begin
without a blessing.

Do not leave
without hearing
who you are:
named by the One
who has travelled this path
before you.

Do not go
without letting it echo
in your ears,
and if you find
it is hard
to let it into your heart,
do not despair.
That is what
this journey is for.

I cannot promise
this blessing will free you
from danger,
from fear,
from hunger
or thirst,
from the scorching
of sun
or the fall
of the night.

But I can tell you
that on this path
there will be help.

I can tell you
that on this way
there will be rest.

I can tell you
that you will know
the strange graces
that come to our aid
only on a road
such as this,
that fly to meet us
bearing comfort
and strength,
that come alongside us
for no other cause
than to lean themselves
toward our ear
and with their
curious insistence
whisper our name:


— © Jan Richardson,



Images: The golden pom-poms of the wattle trees down by the river starting to emerge.


5 thoughts on “Beloved is where we begin

  1. Narelle, I seem to have stopped following your blog some time ago, through no intention or action of my own. I will start working my way backwards through your posts, as I’ve missed reading them. I hope I’ve straightened things out now.


  2. The photo of the flowers is stunning–so full of texture and color and life.

    And the poem. Ah, the poem. Here’s what it brought up for me. There are people (I’m thinking of one specifically) who would have no problem calling himself “Beloved” for all the reasons that are mindLESS and only provide others around him endless opportunities to practice patience, tolerance, forgiveness, and every other virtue he lacks. And then there are the others who are reticent to call themselves “Beloved.” They see only their flaws or how much work they still have to do on themselves. These are the Beloved people—the humble ones. Not all of them, of course. But more of them than the narcissists.


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