No trouble


“Sometimes, when someone would come to her with their troubles, she would laugh and laugh. Finally, she would say, ‘This problem you are facing is no problem at all. It is because you think, ‘This is mine.’ It is because you think, ‘There is something for me to solve.’ Don’t think in this way, and then there will be no trouble.”

~Amy Schmidt on Dipa Ma


8 thoughts on “No trouble

  1. It is because you think. . .? I’ve signed up for a Tai Chi course starting next week. I’ve taken the course once before and could go through 24 of the 108 movements of the set. After the course finished, I was packing up a home we had lived in for 12 years. I was alone in the house after most of the furniture was gone. I remember practising Tai Chi in the morning and evening in that empty space. I came close to not thinking, just going through the steps. Anyway, I’m looking forward to re-learning the movements and going through them with a group, definitely a case of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts.


    • It’s because you think “this is mine”, “this is something for me to solve”. I just spent a long weekend benefiting from this insight, ie, by giving up the thought “this is mine and I’ve got to do something about it”. So peaceful without it.

      About no-thinking full stop, this is a beautiful story you’ve shared. I love it.

      I’ve been noticing there are many times I’m not thinking. I started looking for the gaps. Try it yourself and you’ll see something similar I reckon.

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  2. Being the statue, well, there’s no fun in that! But the pigeon? They come in flocks and do their business on you. One could possibly handle one or two simultaneously but an entire flock is crude.


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