The turning point

It was eight years ago this weekend (Grand Final weekend in Melbs) that I did the Landmark Forum. It was the turning point of my life, and I date events in my life as either before or after.

Up until then, my experience of life was often a miserable one. Much of the time I felt anger, boredom or despair, and I had little or no control over these gusts of emotion. I was scared of other people and life in general, and spent loads of energy trying to cover this up. I was at the mercy of the world around me, a world which occurred as hostile.

Everything changed with the Landmark Forum. Since then, I’ve lived as much of my life in possibility and joy as I previously spent in suffering.

Following are some of the insights and propositions of the Landmark Forum, many of which are also part of Buddhism. I feel a thrill to say them as mere words. To experience them as reality has been the greatest gift.

  • The world is empty and meaningless
  • Human being is the space or clearing in which the world is arising
  • Human being creates the world through language (through thought)
  • Human being is the meaning-making machine
  • What you call “you” or “your wife” or “your husband” are simply fixed ways of being or identities made of “strong suits” and “rackets”
  • Strong suits are fixed ways of being you took on as a small child and an adolescent in a moment of perceived failure in order to ensure you never experienced that moment again
  • Rackets are persistent complaints you entertain – about others, about the world, about yourself – because you derive a covert payoff from keeping them going; payoffs include being right, being justified, dominating/avoiding domination, looking good/avoiding looking bad, and the big one, avoiding responsibility
  • Who you really are is everything and nothing.




5 thoughts on “The turning point

  1. I appreciate this summary of what you learned from the Landmark Forum. It all makes sense to me and it gives me a better understanding of some of your posts and comments that have mystified me in the past.


    • Meaningless and God are sort of saying the same thing in this context xx

      It takes something for human being to be able to hear this phrase “the world is empty and meaningless”. For some, it takes three days of training in the Landmark Forum; some get it later. We tend to hear it as “the world is not there” or “the world is worthless”.

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