Something wicked this way comes


The worst thing about Trump’s odious way of being is that it’s contagious. Look what happens to Robert de Niro.

Yes, it’s very funny – “he’s a mut … this bozo” – and by the end he’s fallen as low as Trump and is talking physical assault.  Any columnist or commentator has the same issue.  Trump’s way of being calls forth the corresponding way of being in each of us. Like calls to like.

It’s the case with any way of being. If we’re being love, we call forth love in the other; if we’re being mean, we call forth mean in the other; if we’re being dishonest, we call forth dishonest in the other.

That’s why the issue is never with the other, it’s always with us.

Some time ago, I was part of a group engaged in a task, and a woman in the group kept switching the group’s attention away from the task to something she wanted to talk about. I knew her a little and knew she hadn’t been in good shape. We kept going round in circles, getting nowhere. I was starting to get annoyed and at one point I looked into her eyes, and it was as if I could see her little demon looking back at me.

Meanwhile, the little demon in me was getting hooked, and there came a nanosecond when I noticed my heartbeat had increased, and when I noticed it I had enough awareness left to disengage. I consciously softened my face and smiled. After that, the conversation changed. She made a few more bids for distraction, only now I wasn’t in it and soon we got back to the task; 10 minutes later we finished it.

Afterwards, I thought about the incident and what had happened. The little demon in her hooked the little demon in me. In times past, that would have been it. I would have been gone, lost in reaction. This time, I had enough training to pull away before it happened. What I also see is that I tended to myself and that that was enough; in fact, it was the best course of action. I took care of my own reaction and the situation resolved itself. I didn’t have to do anything or say anything to her.



7 thoughts on “Something wicked this way comes

  1. Thank you Narelle. Your power with love is contagious. The Trump phenomenon has me enthralled, not for what it is but to discover how I can be a stand for what is missing, the antidote to hate. Your words are the ingredients for that antidote.
    With love and joy, David


  2. Well observed, and true. Did you watch the debate yesterday? The very last question from the audience was whether Trump and Clinton could find anything good to say about each other. It’s like the moment you softened your face. This is the strangest US election ever. Entertaining, but certainly not uplifting.

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    • You’re a strong woman watching the debate! I can’t bear watching them. I strive to keep myself free of pollution!

      I was thinking what my Dad would have said about Trump. When he was younger he’d probably have called him a “palooka” or a “lair”, words I reckon would be in de Niro’s vocab as well :)

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  3. This is an important election for a number of reasons. For democracy, obviously threatened when a candidate for the presidency promises to jail his political opponent. For women’s rights, that a woman might become president and break that taboo, just as Barack Obama made it possible for a person of colour to be president. Interesting, that the United States granted the right to vote to black men (1870) before granting that same right to white women (1920).

    When I think of what I was taught as a little girl–to be modest, to be demure, not to shout, not to argue; not allowed to take a test for aptitude in engineering–why, the inner child would still quake when confronted by a large man with a deep voice telling me I should be ashamed of myself. I admire Hillary Clinton for standing up to him, for staying the course, for sticking to the issues, for understanding the issues. I would be delighted to see her become President after being First Lady. Of course, she can do both jobs.

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    • Thanks for being authentic about the little child in you, her fear and desire to please. It makes such a difference, rather than discussing these issues in ideological terms, and it gives me a window into Hillary which she doesn’t give herself. I agree with you that she is to be admired for staying the course in the face of the tests she has encountered, and I also wonder why she wants to be President. She occurs to me as someone who once wanted to be President.

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