The simplest thing


I bought the book in a Hobart secondhand shop a few years ago. I’ve mentioned it before. It’s a tiny self-published thing that contains many spelling mistakes and whenever I read it for just a few minutes my view of life transforms. How powerful! How magical!

What are the words that get me every time?

  • That life is very simple.
  • Few people understand this.
  • We are told all sorts of things about how to be happy, “Live your dreams”, “Find a career”, “Find your soulmate”, and that we need “lots of money”, “a great education”, “a car and a house” or “two cars and two houses”, or “to be doing things or going places” to be happy.
  • The truth is very simple.
  • There is only one cause of lasting happiness and that is the flow of love.
  • Conversely, there is only one cause of all the suffering in the world and that is the lack of love.

That’s it! Nothing else to say because nothing else is necessary!

The author understands that “love” doesn’t necessarily mean a romantic or even affectionate feeling. What we normally call love is a microscopic part of this vast Love.

The author says this:

We will be the happiest when we can offer every atom in the universe our unconditional love, and in turn, receive the love that is always flowing from every atom. This is the most essential element of our nature. Every one and every thing radiates love naturally whether we are conscious of it or not. [my italics]

Want to be happy? Simple.

Walk down the street and silently offer love to everyone you pass.

Or, get in your car and instead of “looking at it with disdain, thinking that you are just waiting to get a better car, try looking at it with love. Imagine getting into your car and saying ‘I am so grateful that this wonderful chariot transports me effortlessly and lovingly every day. Thank you. I love you.'”

Or, think of your house and instead of desiring a bigger and better one, “love your current space. Love the shelter it is offering you every day. Thank it for offering you such a nice opportunity every day to be comfortable and cared for.”


References: From The simplest book God ever wrote by Sunirmalya Symons



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